Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just Some Girl Stuff...

There was a lesson at church a few weeks back about men will start doing more "feminine stuff" (grocery shopping, helping with the kids, etc) and women will start doing more "male stuff" (using tools around the house, enjoying sports, etc) than past generations.

My friends and I went "Huh?" as I already fit in this mold. I spend most of my time in a gym, I have season tickets to watch my Bengals play football and I am active in most of the remodeling projects at the condo (the bathrooms being the exception). I draw the line at wearing a jock strap and putting a razor on my face!

Today, I decided to take some time off today to get "some girl stuff" done. Yes, I may do some guy things, but I still like girlie stuff too!

The mystery of the day: Why in the world do gals have so much more things to do before a trip then most guys? I really put some thought into this and didn't come up with a good answer. Some of the guys in my life will laugh at this and make some smart ass remarks, but they would be the first to notice if I didn't do some of these things!

No matter...I am still happy that my nails are done, my toes are pretty, I won't have to shave (gotta love wax) and loads of other things that I am going to get done before the trip. If I'm not mistaken, I think most of my male family / friends couldn't be paid to be waxed! Hmmm...Can we say "Wimps"?


"I went to acting school with a lot of people who were far more talented than I was... but they took a day job, lost patience, or got discouraged and quit -- and I didn't. So here I am, the last man standing." - Tom Hanks


Handy said...

Is it really that we are wimps or that we are not silly enough to have someone come to us with something hot in an area where hair needs to be removed.....

Sassy Marie said...

Is that your story and you're sticking to it??? lol