Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Was Desperate!

I really needed some motivation to finish the major part of my self-imposed make-over.
Yes, I'm talking about the weight reduction.

There was a two pound range that I had made myself at home. I didn't really want take up residency there, but I couldn't seem to find the gumshin (is that a word?) to move out.

BUT. . .Now I have reasons!!!

Have I mentioned that I'm going to Vegas in June? If not: I'M GOING TO VEGAS IN JUNE! Yep, reserved the plane tickets today (geez, I hope my boss approves the vacation since the tickets are non-refundable!!!).

So, Vegas in June = High Temps (dry heat, but still. . .) = Minimal Clothing = Gotta Lose the Last of the Weight = WEIGHT LOSS COMPETITION!

Yes, I was desperate - I created another weight loss competition.

I have 5 weeks to loose 5% of my body weight. It starts on Monday and I will be doing everything possible to achieve this goal.

This will be the fourth weight loss competition that I have been involved.
This is the first time that Sadilac looked at me with concern and a "Are you sure??".

Oh My God - I am worried. And yes, I was desperate!
Prayers are welcomed. . .


Thought of the day:
If you say you are going to do something, shouldn't you do it?

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