Sunday, May 06, 2007

Refreshing Weekend

Ever been in the place where anxiety is the norm? Where everything just keeps rushing by you and you can barely get anything crossed off of your "To Do List" let alone find any time for yourself?

That was my reality! I needed to get away for some renewal, some reflection time.
I am happy to say that I did that this weekend at a Women's Retreat: "When I Dream. . ."

I saw some old friends, met some new ones.
I allowed my body to sleep.
I read a book that a friend loaned to me (I thought it would be a nice break from the work I had to do this weekend, but in the end the book became a part of my processing).
I did some soul searching.
I thought about where my life is going and where I want to be.

Just some quick notes that I wrote down throughout the weekend:
> In eight hours of sleep, most people have five dreams
> There are over 700 references to dreams in the bible
> Some think that everything in a dream has something to do with you symbolically
> Dreams are today's answers for tomorrow's questions
> We can have anything we want when we CO-operate with Spirit
> When you have an inspired thought: don't ignore it - act on it!

Here is the Prism Of Powerful Intention that I created (started as a triangle with rope connecting the sides).

The picture doesn't do it justice - the is a lot of flowing purple and cream ribbon that I was just captivated by! I have no idea why I put anything where I put it or why I used the colors that I did, etc etc etc.

I am sure (as happened in the past with my spirit dolls) that in a few months, I will understand why this beautiful creation was made.

As I left the retreat to return home, I made the following intention:
I am going to finish what I started and listen to my intuition again: I am going to complete my physical transformation goal! Starting tomorrow, I will be back at the gym 5x a week and remove the last of the weight from my body.

Off I go to figure out a very short dream I had this weekend:
There was a Diet Pepsi vending machine in my retreat bedroom (instead of my roommate's bed) that a friend (who wasn't at the retreat) came in to use while I was laying down napping.


"Whether you think you can or you can't. . .You are right." - Henry Ford

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