Sunday, February 18, 2007

Blog Roll

About two years ago, I started reading blogs. . .Primarily as a way to stay knowledgeable about my soldiers. I have had many issues with MSM (Main Stream Media), so I tend to avoid it.

My blog roll (ones that I read daily) was pretty large. I think I spent more time reading blogs than. . .Well. . .Most things. After awhile, I even used my blog roll for thought-starters for my rambling.

I realized something today. . .My blog roll has shrunk to almost nothing. Many of the sites that I used to read either: a) Stopped updating or closed down or b) Became boring to me.

I have been looking for new things to read, but I haven't been real impressed with what I am finding - granted, many probably won't be impressed with mine either! :)

If anyone has a good blog to peruse, feel free to let me know.


PS. One of my favorite shows returns tonight - Amazing Race (All Stars). Gonna watch to see if there are any other places to add to my "to visit" list!


Anonymous said...

Here are my fave blogs:

Hope all is well!


americanmom said...

If you like (one of my favorites), you might also like and - what would tyler durden do? Both have wicked humor.