Wednesday, September 02, 2015

A Food Review

If you are heading to Las Vegas anytime soon, I highly recommend stopping by Guy Fieri's Kitchen & Bar at the LINQ.  
I have to say that it is obvious that Guy Fieri's expertise is food.
And he does that very well!

On our first visit, I had the Monte Que Sandwich (pictured below).  
Delicious! But very messy...
I ended up having to eat most with a fork as the sandwich was so full, it just kept falling apart,
The fries are great - four different styles mixed together.  I might try to recreate for a party in the future...
MBB had the Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger.  I wasn't a fan, but all three guys at the table who ordered it liked it (one ordered it again on our second visit). 

Guy's Cheesecake Challenge (also pictured below) - unbelievable.  I never thought that potato chips would go good with cheesecake. 
Yep!  It does.  I was not a fan of the pretzels, but others at the table were.

On our second trip, MBB and I split the '68 Cajun Sandwich (minus the hot sauce) and I must say that isn't a repeat for us.  Others at the table recommended it to us, but it just doesn't make our list.

The concensus at the table (and we had a large table with everyone returning a second time), was that the Tatted-Up Turkey Burger was the best thing on the menu (out of everything that we tried... and we tried a lot).  I will make a return appearance to order one for myself! 
NOTE:  This masterpiece is not available on their late night menu. But should be!

I mentioned earlier that Guy knows food. 
What Guy does not Service.
Be warned that the service at this restaurant is HORRIBLE.
But, the food is so great...that even I, the quickest to tip and the quickest to take away, can overlook it for that food (with a lower tip, of course)!


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