Sunday, December 28, 2014


So, Christmas found us about busting out at the seams as we were ONLY (big deal for us) two shy of having the entire family present for Christmas lunch.

Seemed like a good thing at the time, but as six are now reporting in sick (one being MBB), I'm not so sure having that many people crammed into a double-wide is such a good idea!

I am now sanitizing everything in the house that I think MBB touched and OB has bailed to his sister's to avoid as many germs as possible.

This may be a long few days - especially if I come down with it too.

Guess we shouldn't delay getting our flu shots again!
(Yes, MBB now things he most likely has the flu - and he has had it before, so he knows what it feels like.  I have had it once also - that is why I am sanitizing like crazy!)


UPDATE:  MBB has a GI virus, not the flu. He was completely over it in about 3 days. I think 10 got it in the end (not me!), but one has had it for over a week.

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