Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in Review

I went back through the posts on the blog and found the one about goals for 2014.
I will say that for most of the year - I failed.
Big Time.
I will blame it on life, an April announcement and the Big T.

But, it was interesting to see that the last few months of 2014 found me back on track for these goals (the physical and spiritual anyway) and I didn't even remember setting them.

So, here are the goals and my progress:

-Update MyFitnessPal with every calorie that goes in my mouth.
I remember attempting this quite a bit earlier in the year... And failing often.
But since September, it's been pretty good.

-Wear my FitBit everyday (and try to get it to say 10,000 as often as possible).
I wore it every day until December when I lost the charger. But new charger has arrived and I'm back on target.  We won't talk about the 10K - it did say "as often as possible", right? Yep, I hit 10,000 as often as possible.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

-Take better care of my skin.
I failed completely on this one until December.  I am now using the Mary Kay Volu-Firm system and in two weeks, I can tell a difference.  My pocketbook doesn't like it, but my skin does!

-Get to church more...I am not going to say how much, but if I make it two times, it is an improvement over 2013.
I can't say for sure how many times I got to Unity this year, but I can say that I did make it to seven services for sure.  Three in April, one in August and three in December (and honestly, I think I did get to Unity earlier in the year!).  OB and I are trying to get to a church that he connects with every Sunday with a trip to Unity every few months, but it didn't happen this week with MBB sick...

-Spend more time with positive / fun / productive people.
Yeah - no.  Lets just say that life, an April announcement and the Big T killed this one.

-Work on my pool mechanics at least every other day.
OK, so I started strong on this one and then...Goal?  What Goal?
But, I did make the ladies team for Vegas this year and got two female MVP trophies for 9-Ball, so it couldn't have been all that bad!

-Read 12 books (thought provoking or hard back, no rereads or mind-less reads)
This one almost needs a post of it's own, but in order to finish up this topic today, I am reordering the goals so that this one is last.
Honestly, I have read a lot this year, but I have to go back and search to remember what everything was and whether it fit the guidelines for the goal.
As of the moment that I am typing this, I have no idea if I was successful or not.

Let's see (in no particular order):
1. Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan
2. Dark Blood by Christine Feehan
2. Leopard's Prey by Christine Feehan
3. Concealed in Death by J.D. Robb
4. Festive in Death by J.D. Robb
5. 10 Interesting Things about Human Behavior (Kindle) by Suzanne L. Davis
6. Small Habits Big Results: 55 Small Changes That Completely Turned My Life Around (Kindle) by Michelle Williams
7. 12 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making (Kindle) by Michael Matthews
8. Shift Your Brilliance by Simon T. Bailey
9. - 12. (I think I did read more that count here - but I forgot to keep track through the year!)

Books I read, but don't really count toward the 12:
1. Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts (thought about counting, but decided no)
2. Blood Magick by Nora Roberts (thought about counting, but decided no)
3. Speed Cleaning and Organizing (Kindle) by Casey Westbaum
4-?. Quite a few of the "Dark" series by Christine Feehan (rereads)
?-?. Lots of mindless, quick reads that definitely don't count on the list.

And ones that I tried to read for the list, but couldn't finish - just couldn't do it...
1. Identity: Your Passport to Success (Kindle) by Stedman Graham
2. How to De-Stress Your Life (Kindle) by Gregory Jantz
3. L.A. Secret Police, Inside the LAPD Elite Spy Network by Mike Rothmiller and Ivan Goldman


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