Saturday, August 02, 2014


July also found an unexpected trip to my hometown as my dad faced a pretty severe health challenge.
Luckily, he pulled through and had an amazing surgeon.
Counting our blessing on that one.

Unfortunately, I realized that I need to watch my sodium levels more and that has become very depressing…
Have you looked at sodium levels on food labels lately? Y
ep – so depressed that I probably will have to give up cottage cheese.
Having already given up pop and caffeine… I'm not sure how much my more I will be willing to give up.

But as my family is all starting to experience health issues and I am not super far behind them in age – I need to get on top of my health before it becomes a bigger issue later on.
MBB is not too enthusiastic about my worries / potential changes…
And potentially, not my wallet either.


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