Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I have mentioned a few times that we have been going through some rough stuff lately.
I try not to dwell on it too much, just mention it as a reason why I don't always blog...
No one really wants to read negative stuff all of the time.

But, our trend seems to be continuing.


Friday, MBB heard a big bang and found a mess outside our front door.
Apparently, a car had just run through my flower bed (the big one that was just built last summer), through one of the posts (you know, the ones holding up the ROOF over our patio) and stopped just shy of our house.

Monday, my world (and then MBB's) got ranked upside down, sideways, all around.

So, I am going to blog.
I am going to try to not focus on it everyday (at least on the blog).
I am going to try to process as quick as I can (at least on the blog).

I thought getting hit by a tornado was bad (Thank God for insurance).
I thought some challenges we went through with MaBell were bad (Thank God for love).
I thought having to open two different police reports for things being stolen from my home was bad.
I thought having to put my kid in a Boarding School was really bad (Thank God for love and patience).
I thought a busted pipe in my rental property was bad (Thank God for insurance).
I thought having my patio being ran into was bad (see above - Thank God for insurance).

Having my work shut down the entire campus and relocate everyone either to Texas or Michigan.
Yeah...I have no words.

Over the last two years, I have realized:
 - Insurance is awesome
 - Patience is underrated
 - Love is strong
 - Relocation is better than unemployment, especially when retirement is right around the corner
 - My husband is amazing and is definitely the right man for me


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