Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12 Books - where I ended up in 2013

I started documenting books that I read "with substance" in 2012 and continued into 2013.  

I love to read. . .
LOVE it!
But I also love to reread books and I love to read what I call mindless, quick reads.
Especially now that I have a kindle app on my phone.
Not allowing myself to count rereads or mindless reads.  :)
The hardest part is finding mindful books that don't bore me to tears.
And as I copied and pasted my last post update on this subject, I realized that three of the books were being double-counted, both on 2012 and 2013 - geez, imagine that!  In all honesty, I removed them - and still made 12!
1. Get Out of Debt Like the Debt Heroes:  How 21 Ordinary People Paid Off Over $1.7 Million in Debt by Ben Edwards and Jeff Rose (starting to appreciate my Kindle app - but this one did bore me quite a bit)
Surviving September 11th by Dan Holdridge (Kindle app)
the upside down marriage by Jim Keller (Kindle app)
50 Fitness Tips you wish you knew by Derek Doepker (Kindle app)
Inferno by Dan Brown
6. Diversity Conversations: Finding Common Ground by Eric M. Ellis
7. Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Since this book is 836 pages, but I hated the historical first half and skipped to the more current day part - so, ~400 pages means I am only counting it as one)
8. The Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life by Glenn Beck and Keith Ablow (took me many months to get through this one, but there were some good parts that made me think)
9. Calculated in Death by JD Robb
10. Thankless in Death by JD Robb
11. Dark Lycan by Christine Feehan
12. Dark Prince (Author's Cut Special Edition) by Christine Feehan (Okay, technically this is a reread.... BUT I first read this one in the early 2000s and there is 100 extra pages.  So 100 pages = new reading material.  This one also caused a lot of other rereads as it was the first in the series and got me wanting to reread, yes I am typing this, the ENTIRE series of about 25ish books)
I think I read more, but I tend to lend books out and haven't got them all back yet.
I have already made a good start on the 2014 list as I have ordered/preordered five books at Amazon (love prime!)...
Books I read, but don't think that they qualify for the list of 12:
Books I attempted and couldn't finish:

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