Friday, April 05, 2013


There once was a blogger who needed accountability...
She blogged when she worked out…
If she worked out, she had to blog. 
If she blogged, she had to workout (and yes, even if it meant being at the gym at 11pm).
If she didn’t blog and didn’t blog and didn’t blog… she probably heard about it.

Yes, I was that blogger and that was the beginning of this blog.
It worked well… for ~80 lbs.

Then, I got a family and priorities changed and the blog was no longer tied to the gym.
Kinda hard to keep them together when I don’t live near a gym anymore.

I am not going back to the blog when I exercise.
I'd rather spend the time exercising or rocking the grand baby...

But I am back on the health bandwagon.  Trying to move more (love the fitbit!) and eat better.
Primarily because, I found some (a lot) of the 80 that I lost before and I didn’t really want to.

On February 4th, I put a stake in the ground in my iPhone app and then a few weeks later - got rid of the iPhone.  My new Android app won’t let me go back in time to put a past weight in and I can't seem to remember it from memory…
So, I am documenting the not so pretty numbers here to reduce memory strain.
As of today, I have lost 24 lbs (this time around).  I have 20.8 lbs to go.
I can't decide if I am going to count how much I lost (feels like it is focusing more on the weight that I want to forget about) or how much I have to go.  I'm putting both out there right now, but I might switch to one or the other later.Namaste.

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