Monday, December 05, 2011


I really didn't plan on taking a break from blogging so soon.
Really, I didn't.

Then this thing called work happened.
I clocked 52 hours in four days.
Plus drive time.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen. . .That means that I was gone for work purposes about 58 hours.

Talk about rough.
Not physically. . .Though it was.
Talking about mentally.
No, not because of the constant work time. . .Though it was.
Talking about realizing that I'm not young anymore.

I used to work hours like that ALL THE TIME.
I haven't worked more than 40 in quite awhile.
Correction, I haven't worked more than 40 in the office in quite awhile.

I think I forgot that it is easier to work those hours when:
- You are young.
- You are single.
- You don't need as much sleep.

Can't take the rough. . .
I am going back to 40 this week.
Correction, I am going back to 8 hour days. . .
With some vacation days thrown included!


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