Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I've been a baking.

In the past, I did all of my Christmas baking in one day.
It wore me out!

This year, I decided to spread it out a bit.

I have done small spurts of baking here and there. . .
Freezing as I go.

In the end, I baked six days.
The menu was:
- Peanut Butter Cookies (I cheated - frozen cookie dough from a fundraiser)
- Peanut Butter Cookies (forgot about the first ones - these from a bag)

- White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies (yep, frozen cookie dough)
- Pink Cookies (frozen - for Breast Cancer research)
- Low-fat Chocolate Chip were ordered, but ended up being one huge cookie
- Toffee Cookies
- Cinnamon Chip Pudding Cookies
- Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (a new family fav)
- Chocolate Chip Oatmeal (from a bag - and not very good)
- Spice Cake Cookies
- German Chocolate Cake Balls with White Chocolate Squiggles
- White Chocolate Wreaths
- Peanut Butter Wreaths
- White Chocolate Chip Cocoa Cookies (usually my fav, but not so good this year)

Not sure why my picture is side-ways.
I guess I baked so much that it even made my picture lop-sided. . .
Oh yeah, I also made Raspberry White Cheesecake Bars, but those weren't for gifts, they were for our tree trimming night...

In the end, I think I baked more stuff because I baked more days.
The high note, I was done by 2:30 on the last day and had time to wrap presents. :)

I believe that I am now done baking for the season. . .
Yep, since I froze some of my baking for future, I am definitely done.


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