Friday, November 04, 2011

The Tube. . .

I have never been a big TV watcher. . .
Well MommyMarie may dispute that statement (especially when Sixteen Candles was on).
Since I have owned my own home, I have rarely watched a lot of TV.

I would rather work on crafts, spend time with loved ones or work on the house.
When I lived in the condo, I would only have the TV on when I was working on something else.

Now, I have a family that loves TV. . .Sitcoms, Movies. . .
OB can probably recite dialogue.
I see a lot more TV now, but there are just a few shows that I really like and now that MBB has them set to record, I get to watched regularly.

Biggest Loser (the Aussie version is great too - but they have now restricted it from USA)

The Voice (though one of the judges may lessen my desire to watch this one)

The X Factor (this one surprised me a bit)

Switched at Birth (watching this one on the Internet)

Big Bang Theory

Any other shows that you think are must sees?

Speaking of X Factor, I must say that I was really impressed with Josh and Drew this week. Excellent versions of those songs!!!


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