Sunday, January 23, 2011


We hooked up to city water just under three years ago.
For two and a half years, we didn't have any issues with our plumbing. . .
So MBB decided to finish that job and cement in the hole in the wall.

Suddenly, we now have a drip.
Yep, about three months after the job was finished.

Like how we were tracking how bad the leak is?
The picture that I cannot share because I couldn't bring myself to take a picture (okay - I didn't want to ruin my camera) is when this small drip became a spewing nightmare.
Yep, we quickly learned what the emergency number is for our water department and found out exactly where our water meter is and how to turn off the water line.
Did I mention that our drip was at the entrance to our home - JUST INCHES BEFORE OUR MAIN TURN-OFF (Look to the right side of the picture - it was SOOOOO close!)?
Yep, fun times!

The good news - MBB fixed the nightmare, I mean drip, and now we are dry again.
No picture. . .Sorry. Not much interesting about a plumbing part - other than it's name. . .Shark Bite. Expensive, but after what we went through - WORTH IT!

On a brighter note. . .
Like our new door handles?
Prettiest part of one of the rooms still under construction.

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