Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sometimes Silence is Golden

As I have gotten older, I have realized that there are some situations that will not always be "rainbows and roses".
I have also learned a hard lesson that others will only impact my self esteem if I let them. My self worth is my responsibility. . .No one else's.

If I was in a situation where I was failing, it was up to me to improve. It is not my teacher's / coach's / parent's fault.
If I was in a situation where I was being talked down to, it was up to me to remove myself from the situation. It is no one else's fault if I continue to openly receive.

Unfortunately, I didn't always improve - just ask my family about my athletic skills.
Unfortunately, removing myself from situations sometimes caused me to loose contact with additional people not involved.

Fortunately, I now know my limitations and am okay with that.
Fortunately, I am much happier without negative situations.
And to prevent myself from becoming one of those "situations", I have learned that "sometimes silence is golden".

Too bad I can't implement this in my work life where the paycheck is a bit more important. . .
Luckily, my skin has gotten a bit thicker over the years.

So, today I am working on not being that "situation" as I have found myself struggling.
I am letting go of my attachment to people I have had to say goodbye to in order to be healthy and happy.
I am enjoying my memories of the past without letting them impact my present.


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