Monday, June 21, 2010

Keeping Us Busy

I realize that I use the "we're really busy" excuse for not blogging.
I've used it so much that I suspect some don't believe me and will soon call my bluff.
So, I decided to document some of our projects for those of you who may be interested.

MBB installed a water spout which also lead to a hose reel.
We've been in the house for over two years now and desperately needed the outdoor water source.
This has made a world of difference with our garden and new trees.

We've also been wanting some fruit trees (and the kids have been after us to replace the trees that we had to cut down). We now have two plum trees in the ground. This ended up being a multi-day project with the mulching.

There are now six dogs running up and down our road which leads for many tiny mouths getting into our trash. MBB built a "garbage corral" for our garbage cans. He has plans to put a door on it. . .
Even without the door, we have a lot less trash in our yard to pick up.
The unsightly area that we call our front yard got some much needed attention.
A truck load of dirt and putting our tractor to work allowed us to get the edging in place for my flower beds. The second step was to put some garden material down to block weeds and laying a truck load of mulch.
I guess "planting flowers" is now on my To Do list.

I have to admit that I have hated the light in our bedroom since the day we moved in. With all of the other projects, this one was pretty far down the priority list - until now. :)
I finally found one that both MBB and I could live with. . .

MBB got tired of one of my catch-alls (to be honest, I have been working on getting stuff organized and the pile was considerably smaller than before). The floor was reinforced with plywood and the floating floor makes it look much better!

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