Saturday, June 19, 2010

Education Opportunity

The kids are enrolled in public schools. We are hands-on parents, so we check OB's agenda and homework. We go over study guides and help both kids study when necessary. I have been known to communicate with teachers via phone and email. I have chaperoned field trips (which also make me so grateful that MBB raised well-mannered kids). I won't hesitate to be involved in MaBell and OB's schooling.

And, on occasion, we have to supplement by home-schooling to reinforce manners, common sense & spelling (these two are constant repeats with OB) and real-life examples.

I have become a broken record lately about sunscreen.
I get ignored or get rolling eyes as I am lecturing about using sunscreen (yes, it has resulted in lecturing).

MaBell even thought it was KEWL when she burned for the first time in her life at her last track meet.
Granted, it wasn't very bad and it was a neat design.
She did peel, but was good about putting the aloe on it (that I know of).

Today, I got the oppotunity to discuss
sunscreen again - along with skin cancer - along with the fact that someone will be using lots of aloe - and IS NOT ALLOWED OUT IN THE SUN THIS WEEK. We also got to discuss the difference between second degree burns and third degree burns.

I think MaBell (and OB) are finally listening to me about it this time.
At least MaBell is. . .
(It is much redder in person than it appears in the picture and there are other spots on her body that I will not post on the blog that are worse)


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