Sunday, June 20, 2010


Our experiment to spend $300 on grocery items (including supplies) has been farely successful. Yes, I have gone over a bit, but with getting the stock pile pantry stocked and having no basis for the $300 figure, I think we are doing decent!

When I heard about's competition to spend $25 per person per week on groceries for four weeks, I had to give it a shot. This means $100 / week for our house. I've been averaging about $85 / week this year and that included supplies. Since the competition does not include supplies, I thought I'd have a decent shot.

Then, I realized that we will be on vacation during the competition.
Okay, we are renting a cabin with a full kitchen. . . Doable!
Then, I realized that going out to eat counts.

MBB and I discussed it and arranged our days:
. . .Breakfast - will be at the cabin. I can pack 99% of this food from our stockpile pantry.
. . .Lunch - will be packed in our cooler everyday. The freezer is going to help us out with bread and lunch meat. Along with PB&Js and chips, we should be set to go. We think we'll be able to eat out a few times (I am on the lookout for coupons!).
. . .Supper - will be at the cabin. I am going to do some of our family favorites (the good thing about family favorites - most of the ingredients are in the stock-pile). I am going to visit a local grocery store for dairy and salad supplies to round everything out.

Starting today, I will be aiming for $100 a week.
I have to get creative and healthy as those are being judged as well!
Every Saturday evening, I will "try" to update my progress for the week.


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