Friday, April 02, 2010


- If you learned the lesson once, it would be a wise idea not to have to relearn it.
- Learning a new language mid-way through life, may make your head hurt.
- It may make eyes leak to see the actions of the children you help raise change, especially when they give you credit for the change.
- Mean comments make me angry.
- Sometimes a project is just to big for "To Do" lists. Toyota Time Lines are the bomb!
- Some people are just greedy.
- Support from friends, even those a-far, is so heart warming!
- Change can be good. . .Even when it is a 15-year old's hair length!
- I hate yellow. . .Except when it's the big ball in the sky - so glad to see you again!
- I get to work my way through the name change maze in 27 weeks.


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