Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sassy's Taxi

Sassy's Taxi has been running full force lately.
I am currently sitting in the parking lot of a school waiting on my next "riders" to get out of practice. Yep, it's my night for the car pool.

I forgot to bring the memory cards, so I'll just have to keep "post pictures on the blog" on the "To Do" lists for awhile.

A few things that were crossed off the lists:

- Get on a caterer's books.
- Get on a photographer's books.
- Get on the minister's books.

Feels good to get some things crossed off!

Lesson of the week:
It is always a good idea to check for toilet paper in the stall of your choosing before you do your business. It may be a long wait until a co-worker visits that room.


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