Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Vendors

I have been struggling with finding Wedding Vendors on-line. Especially vendors that fit within my plan of an "economical" wedding - in other words, they fit my budget.

I heard that the average wedding in 2009 cost $25,000. NOT US!
We plan on being WAY UNDER that figure. So far, I am right on target.

Since I know that many find this blog via Google, I thought I'd throw out some of the vendors that I have found through various means. . .For some reason, I didn't find most of them on Google with my "wedding searches" no matter what combination of terms I used.

Wedding Photos / Photographers
For Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati area:
Gardner Photography and Design
- Light Bloom Photography
- Murdock's Photography
- JK Photography08
- Thomas Bargler Wedding and Event Photography
For Central Ohio / Columbus area:
Sides Shots

For Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati area:
Haller's Green Derby Catering

For Northern Kentucky area:
Kincaid Lake Multipurpose Building
- Alexandria Firehouse Hall
- Alexandria Community Center

I hope that this post helps someone out there pulling out their hair trying to find some companies that have good quality, but an affordable view on their pricing structure.
I'll update this post as I find more.

Here is another site that seems to list tons of good quality vendors:

I received no money from these vendors for endorsing them. In fact, none of them are aware that they are on my blog. This post is simply to help other frustrated brides and grooms by providing more options.


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