Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final Stretch.

Well, we are in the final stretch of a few things. . .
Primarily, MBB's journey to get his Bachelors and yes, it has been a journey.

He has to finish his paper this week and then his presentation.
I am on a mission that all he is going to do when he isn't working, sleeping or eating is work on that project! Yes, I know - he's an adult. . . We'll see how my "mission" goes - though I did refuse to buy trees today knowing that he would plant them instead of school work.

I am finding myself stressed out big time as I dive into all of the running (thank God for carpools), plan a 16th birthday party which is right around the corner, I think, and (try to) adjust to an ever changing pre-teen's hormonal attitude.

I've realized that I need to decompress or my head will blow off.
I am taking the 2.5 hours that I am sitting in the parking lot of volleyball practice to try to find some peace, to read a book, to rejuvenate for the upcoming week.

I think I've been pretty successful today - I am lucky and blessed that the weather is so beautiful as I sit here typing!

Now, to keep from getting a farmer's tan this year or I will look like a dork in my strapless wedding dress!


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