Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Changes. . .

I have been reminded lately that life flows like a river - always changing and flowing.
Now I feel the need to listen to "The River" by Garth Brooks.

Does everyone need to stay in High School for their entire lives?
As hard as graduation is, it marks the time when we move on to the next experience, whether it be college or careers.
Then we reach the same moment in college. Even if we move on to our masters, it will be with a different set of people, different teachers, different price commitment, etc.

The ways of our past aren't always the ways of our future.
New traditions, new families, new communities evolve into our lives.
That change is sad even though there is no long a connection that no longer feeds the soul / body / mind.

It is right and perfect. . .
Does that make it any easier?
Right isn't always easy.

Life is about evolving and changing and experiencing all that we are here to experience.
Somethings are absolute joy to let go - my last name comes to mind. :)
Somethings are hard to let go because I am tied to the memories and not the reality of the moment. Sometimes, it is hard to separate the two things.

It hurts to say goodbye to things that was such a big part of my life previously.
Things that played a huge part in changing me into the person that I am today.
They were pivotal in getting me where I am, but no longer impacts or positively influences me longer.


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