Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Buy American" vs. "Buy Made in America"

I usually avoid "political" and "religious" conversations. . .On my blog and in person.
The "Buy American" debate doesn't really fit in either of those, but I tend to avoid that as well.

Until today.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and since this is my little corner of the cyber-world, I am going to express mine. I will continue to avoid the "political" and "religious" conversations. . .

I am very patriotic.
I proudly display red, white and blue.
I even have a "patriotic" corner in my house with tons of stars and stripes despite it clashing with the rest of the house.
I support my fellow Americans.

Let me clarify what I mean by "fellow Americans".
I try to support the worker who made the clothes.
I try to support the worker who built the cars.
I try to support the chef who cook the food.
I try to support the farmer who grew the crops.
I will try to support the American citizens who are working in America.

"I try" because there are other factors that go into my decisions: money, quality, availability, etc.

I do not make a priority to support an American owner who is producing in another country and justify it as "Buy American".
I will buy from a company (regardless of origin) who is producing the product in the USA (providing local jobs) and justify it as "Buy American".

Buy the Toyota Camry assembled in Georgetown, KY or Lafayette, IN.
Buy the Ford F-150 assembled in Dearborn, MI.
Buy the Honda Odyssey assembled in Lincoln, AL.
Buy the Toyota Sienna assembled in Princeton, IN.
Buy the GMC Sierra 1500 assembled in Fort Wayne, IN.
Buy the Ford Taurus assembled in Chicago, IL.
Buy the Toyota Tundra assembled in San Antonio, TX.

Yes, I included some "American" nameplates above. All of those vehicles listed are assembled in America with a domestic content over 75% (per
All of those vehicles support American workers.

NOTE: I just used vehicles because the facts were easy to gather. This argument could be made for clothes, washing machines, etc - if the facts are available.

Many care about where the profit goes. . .I don't care.
Many disagree with me on this point, but here is my thought process:
- Profits go into a rich person's pocket regardless if American based or foreign based. EQUAL
- Both companies support locally (American companies support America even if they assemble elsewhere. Foreign based companies support the communities that they have production facilities.). EQUAL
- Production location determines what workers get paychecks. PRODUCTION LOCATION AND CONTENT MATTERS

Providing full disclosure, I drive a Toyota Matrix which is assembled in Canada (Engine and Transmission assembled in USA) with a large amount of parts produced in America. I did not 100% "Buy Made in America", but I am still supporting a large number of American workers and drive a vehicle with high NAFTA content.

To close my rambling, I'll say: Before you start shouting "Buy American" in my face, please check the local content on the vehicle you drive (and the clothes you wear and the food you eat, etc). You may find yourself hearing "Buy Made in America" coming right back at you.
(If you are from another country, please "Buy made in *wherever you are from*". I am fully about supporting your country and do not expect everyone to support mine.)

Anyone who wants to express their opinion on this topic is welcome - as long as it is respectful.
If I feel like it is hateful or written in "attack" mode, I will delete it.


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