Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today is a sad day.
Today, the Bengals lost one of their own.
Today, a family is saying goodbye to a loved one.
Today, I feel for everyone involved.

Over the years, I had not a big fan of Chris Henry.
For a few years, he was "he who shall not be named" because of the negative influence he was portraying for our youth. I'm sure if you go back through my Bengals posts, you'll find at least one on him in the midst of his trouble.
When the Bengals resigned him, I was in the group that thought they were crazy.

Over the last year (specifically the football year), I started using his name again.
I started giving credit where credit is due - he was getting his life back on track.
He was focusing on what was important. . .His family.

At 26, he is way to young to go.
At 26, his kids are loosing their dad way too early.
At 26, he was finally on the right track.

RIP Chris Henry


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