Friday, November 20, 2009

Thoughts. . .

I haven't written much about my current weight loss competition.
Primarily because it has been a huge struggle and I didn't want to focus on the negative.

Keep in mind that I have been in MULTIPLE competitions over the last 5 years.
It was a big tool during my ~80lb weight loss journey.
It has been a HUGE tool in not putting the 80lbs back on my smaller body.

What have I learned from this one?
What new experiences did I enjoy this time?

  • I didn't join a competition in time! Normally, 1% and I'm good. . .This time, I have to keep going after the competition to get back to my date weight. . .

  • My body has finally rebelled against the mini-roller coaster ride (I put on ~15lbs then join a competition to get rid of it). Looks like I need to figure out how to successfully maintain this time...

  • I have never paid a weekly penalty. . .Until now.

  • I have to exercise! (See previous note) Due to financial and time issues, I had to let go of my gym membership / trainer, hence the need for another competition.

  • Family memberships for college gyms are VERY affordable when one of the parents is a student at the college. We learned this about half way through the competition. . .

  • Family memberships for college gyms are not as affordable for alumni.
    You guessed it - MBB is a Senior. . .

  • Some days MBB joins me to lift weights.
    Some days he plays tennis and I play chase the tennis ball. . .

  • I have done more cardio this week than I can ever remember doing in the past.
    I can do 6 miles on the elliptical in one night and still be able to walk to the car.

  • My feet do not like when I do lots of cardio in one week.

  • I do not like having a panic feeling the night before final weigh-in!

In the end - I made it!
It was hard. . .Who am I kidding? It was a HUGE struggle!
I did not cheat on my food intake! It has been forever since I had sweets!
Any drinks were worked into my calories for the day and I still had problems losing the weight.


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