Thursday, November 26, 2009


A holiday of family.
A holiday of thanks.

A holiday to way over eat!

This year, I am thankful for many things. . .
. . .That we are healthy.
. . .That we have a nice home that is slowly beginning to look "like ours".
. . .That my will-power will with-stand all of the food!
. . .That Yeager-bomb no longer has the fleas that were driving him crazy.
. . .That we can afford to buy the expensive medicine that Yeager-bomb needed.
. . .That I am able to help raise two wonderful kids.
. . .That I get to partner with a wonderful man.
. . .That I have a family who accepts the path my life is taking. . .Hopefully.

MBB is thankful for. . .Good health of the kids.
MaBell is thankful for. . .That she got her life back on track.
OB is thankful for. . .The invention of money.

Don't look at me. . .I only typed what he said!


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