Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I was a bit busy yesterday taking both kids to the doctor so my MMQB recap is a day delayed.
We have one with bronchitis and one with a severe viral cold. Time to medicate!

The Fine Fifteen
8. Cincinnati (6-2). OK, OK, Bengals fans. I give up. I acknowledge your greatness. Well, at least your very-goodness. The thing that impressed me watching Cincinnati's relatively easy victory: 44 total yards by the Ravens in the first half and just 215 in four quarters. "Not the same old Bengals,'' Chad Ochocinco told me after the game. Apparently not.

Ten Things I Think I Think
5. I think Marvin Lewis is going to get serious coach-of-the-year consideration from me. I remember seeing him in HBO's "Hard Knocks'' show rail at his team after a preseason loss to St. Louis, lost when the ninth-stringers were on the field. And I thought: This guy's making it very uncomfortable for his team to lose. And the Bengals have gone out and played like that.
8. I think the Cincinnati corners, Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph, were the league's unsung heroes Sunday. Not saying the Ravens have Swann and Stallworth on the flanks, but Joe Flacco looked unsure in the pocket all day, and it's because Hall and Joseph pestered the Raven receivers all day.
9. I think the league won't do anything about Chad Ochocinco's little money gag, where he took out a dollar bill and waved it at an official during a disputed call. "You know, like, here's a dollar, change the call,'' the Ocho told me. "Just kidding. Just having fun.'' Wasn't sure the league would see it that way, and though I think league officials will look at the replay in New York today, I hear they won't be inclined to fine Ochocinco. Harmless fun. Well, I didn't think it was fun, but I'm old and boring.


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