Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eventful Morning

There are certain times in life that make you stop and evaluate.
This morning was one of those times for me.
I was okay when it happened and I don't even think it will make the news.
Then it was over and I was just sitting at my desk. . .It kinda got to me and stayed with me all day.

I witnessed an accident on my way to work this morning.

Luckily, I kinda saw that things weren't right and I slowed down to put more distance between myself and the vehicle in front of me (guess I did learn something from that traffic school course) which kept me from making it a three-vehicle accident.
Between myself and another witness, we tried to help the driver before the police arrived.

The airbag had deployed.
Her engine was smoking and smelled horrible (luckily it was only from the antifreeze).
She was disoriented.
She tried to get out of her vehicle and just started crying when we wouldn't let her.
We couldn't contact her husband (not sure if the number she gave me was correct or not - see disoriented note above).

Luckily, someone was driving by as the 911 call went out. He had a walkie-talkie with the emergency station, but I'm not sure who he worked for - he didn't have a uniform and his truck was unmarked but they were equipped with those neat white flickering lights. The main thing - he was better trained and had a temporary adjustable neck brace in his truck that was put to use pretty quickly.

I gave the number for her husband's work to the police officer, though no name to go with it.
I gave my name and address to be listed as a witness.
I was free to leave.

I have no idea what her name was.
I have no idea if I helped.
I hope I gave her some comfort. . .Knowing that someone who didn't know her cared enough to stop.

I have no idea if she is okay.
And I think that is what bothers me the most.

Side note:
I was at work for about two hours and received a call that one of my co-workers had just been rear-ended.
What the. . .?


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