Friday, November 13, 2009

The 13th

Today is Friday the 13th.

I am not usually superstitious, but I have enough Friday the 13th stories to make anyone go "Hmmm"!

Let's see. . .One of those that popped into my head:
I think it was 1981 (or 1982?) and DadMarie's birthday fell on, you guessed it, Friday the 13th.
He got called out to work almost as soon as he got home so Plan A was eliminated pretty quick.
MommyMarie packed up the three kids and ran to the store to get a cake (I can't remember exactly when or how, but there was a messed up cake involved that I think eliminated Plan B).
DadMarie beat us home, but he was locked out of the apartment and got inventive. We walked through the front door just in time to hear noises coming from the bathroom. . .Yep, DadMarie was crawling through the bathroom window eliminated Plan C as all of the birthday stuff was no longer a surprise.
OK, so my memory is a bit foggy on the details, but I remember everyone saying over and over "It's Friday the 13th, what do you expect?"!

I've decided that this time, my Friday the 13th came a day early and happened yesterday...
I am not going to go into yesterday in detail, let's just say that it ended about the way it started.
Today IS going to go smoothly with no weirdness, craziness, badness, or any other -ness that the universe might think about throwing at me.
I am going to get lots of stuff done, find tons of deals, say a large amount of early "thanksgivings" for my large family that I am blessed to have and pretty much CHILL OUT.
Saturday will be my day to dive in and process Thursday's events.


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