Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Remodeling Project

We have begun a new remodeling project. . .The Den.

This is one of the main rooms that we haven't done anything to since we moved in.
Since MBB may be working from home a day or two each week, we really need to get it done.
MaBell and I spent the weekend clearing the room out.
Anyone want to guess at how many books we moved? I
couldn't tell you - we lost count.

MBB is going to help me get the furniture moved sometime this week.
Then the fun begins.

We are looking for hard wood flooring (I am not clearing out the room a second time!).
I am going to spackle the dents, divets and holes in the wall.
Kinda handy that I already have the paint bought.
Depending on what the color of the floor is, we may have to sand and restain the bookshelf.

Kinda funny that we have lived in the house for just shy of two years and the last room we begin remodeling will be the first one completely done.

Wish us luck!


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