Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fine Line...

I like to make things! I don't think that statement will surprise anyone.
I enjoy the unique. . .No one else has the exact same item, unless I gave it to them!

Right now, I am making Christmas Stockings for SB and OB.
They know exactly what the stockings will look like:
*I'm using the one that Egypt made for me as the pattern.
*They got to pick out their own fabric.
SB's stocking will feature cats in Santa hats with trees and lots of Christmas stuff.
OB's stocking would go great with this blog. . .Yes, OB picked out Bengals material for his stocking!
Overall, I believe that these will be successful creations!

I pride myself in finding gifts that will be liked (yes, I do buy yellow things for others!) and if I am wrong, I have no issue handing over the receipt for a "redo".
But I am walking a fine line when trying to make gifts:

*I am picking out the colors.
*I am choosing the design.
*I cannot hand over a receipt if I didn't go the right route.

So as I am working on gifts for this year, I am throwing up as many prayers as I can that everyone likes what I made (if I even get them all done!).


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