Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Getting Better At...

Fitting everything into my schedule!

For awhile, I couldn't figure out how to do everything that I had committed to and everything that I wanted to do. A few things fell through the cracks like housework, gym time, sleeping, etc. I have to admit that I wasn't too upset about the housework, but the gym time was starting to cause problems with my clothes fitting and I was fighting being upset about all of it. :(

Now, I am in the process of bringing some of my commitments to a close, of being better organized with how I schedule things and of determining which things are bigger priorities. That reminds me of the exercise where there are piles of rocks, pebbles, sand and water with a glass. The only way to fit everything into the glass is to put the rocks (the biggest priorities) in first, then the pebbles, then the sand and lastly the water. If you put them in any other way, it won't all fit. So, I am focused on putting my rocks on the calender first!

Some days, sleep is something that won't fit into the equation, but I'm not going to loose too much sleep over that one!
**covering ears to muffle out all of the moans**


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