Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Christmas in July

WOW. . .I packed a lot of activities into celebrating my birthday!
I saw lots of loved ones, made lots of memories, took lots of pictures.
I would have to write a book to share all of the details!
Let me sum it all up with: I am blessed to have family who are friends and friends who are family!

The one thing from all of the activities that I thought may be of interest to the blog world was my Christmas present.

Yes, you read that correctly - I received my Christmas present in July (just kinda worked out that it was on my birthday): Dinner at a Top 25 restaurant (per Cincinnati Magazine) of my choice.

The 2007 Choice: Jean-Robert at Pigall's

  • #1 Ranked
  • Amazing Food
  • Unique Atmosphere
  • Wonderful Waitstaff
  • Surprising Ending
My Menu of Choice (Absolutely Delicious!):
Fromage de chèvre chaud de la région en croûte dorée, cebettes et haricots verts aux amandes
Indiana Warm Goat Cheese in a Golden Crust with Scallions, French Green Beans, Almonds and Currants

Médaillon de veau, fondue de poireaux et crème de champignon miatake, légumes de printemps
Veal Medallion with Thyme Bordelaise, Creamy Leeks, (substitution for mushrooms - don't know details),
Fondue of Seasonal Vegetables

Mousse à la rhubarbe, frangipane aux pistaches, glace au chèvre et miel
Rhubarb Mousse with Pistachio Frangipane and Goat Cheese-Honey Ice Cream

As well as all the little extras that they throw in. . .
If my memory serves me correctly, three other deliveries (four if you count the mini-loaf treat that you get to take home).

My favorite by far was the dessert!
The mousse didn't have much taste to me (both of my friends had it and loved it), but the Frangipane and Ice Cream were unbelievable (I should probably tell you that I'm not a fan of Pistachios)! The ingredients sounded horrible together (which is one of the reasons that I decided to try it), but the combination was oh-so good!

So, what was the surprising ending?
My dessert arrived with a candle.
I just sat there staring at the flame.

It may not seem like much, but it was so unexpected to me. . .I can't even begin to describe to you what I was feeling. The best that I can come up with is the quote:
"Life isn't about the number of breathes you take, but the number of breathes that were taken away."

This was one of those breathes that was taken away.



The Frogge Family said...
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Sassy Marie said...

Don't knock it until you've tried it.