Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Not Perfect. . .

I never claimed to be.
I have lots of things that I need to work on.
I have things that need improvement.

That is my reality.
That is my truth.

I made two treasure maps this past week.
One is in regards to relationships: those of my current family, my gal-pals and my future.
One is in regards to Me, Myself & I: Goals physically and mentally for me.

I will work toward improving myself as I prepare for the future.
Regardless of whether that includes those in my life currently or those that are still to enter.

I signed up to have a wonderful life. To experience joy and happiness.
Having said that: I am running out of puzzle pieces - I have given them all away.

I fear that some dear friends will be leaving me soon.
Damn that hurts. More than I care to admit. It breaks my heart.

I am SOOOO looking forward to Vegas. BucketGal - Are you ready?
(Yes, I will find you a new name - but I knew you would recognize that one from college.
Was I right?)


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