Thursday, February 08, 2007

Reality TV

If I remember correctly, I have gotten on my soap-box before about Reality TV. I used to be the biggest junkie of reality soaps, but have realized those shows aren't what I want to be "my reality". The exceptions of course are Biggest Looser (definitely my reality) and The Amazing Race (hello - traveling!).

I didn't watch the last Survivor, gave up on the Bachelor / Bachelorette many years ago and was so disgusted by Big Brother that it caused the soap-box rant (I think).

There is only one reason that I would start watching again.

Yes, you guessed it. . .That one reason happened. A local. Yes, a Cincinnatian. Someone that I need to root for is on the new Survivor. Alas, I am watching again. NOTE: There was a local on the Bachelor last season, but not even that could make me watch again.

Once she is voted off - I will be back to not watching (I hope).


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Anonymous said...

You know, it is no surprise that a Cincinnatian would be on Survivor as WKRC is the one of the #1 CBS stations in the country and Cincinnati is typically the #1 or #2 Survivor market. Let the ratings goodness begin!