Monday, February 12, 2007

All or Nothing (At All)

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As I'm sitting here waiting to see which meterologist is right tonight...The song "All or Nothing" popped into my head. Not the "All or Nothing At All" that was recorded by Frank Sinatra, but the one that was recorded by O-Town and then Westlife in 2006 (hence, why it is in my mind) - not sure who else did it.

Why is this relevant you ask?

I am tired of this game that Mother Nature is playing. . .I want ALL of the crap (ice, snow, sleet, etc) and shut the city down or give me NOTHING AT ALL and let me get to work safe and quickly in the morning. Last week was bad enough to cause wrecks (not me this time!) and three to 11 hour drives, but not bad enough to justify not trying to get there.

Now having said that - I brought my laptop home with me. I will not hesitate to pull a few hours in the a.m. before heading across the river.


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