Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Top 10 In Entertainment. . .Continued. . .

I'm going with a theme tonight - See if you can guess what that is!

I will admit that I have seen much better views of these two men, primary on TV. . .But this was the best I could find on the web (and believe me - I searched!!!).

Nick Lachey

Gotta include the home-town guy! No list is complete without him.

To see what made me go
"Hmmm", please watch one of Jessica's old videos - the one on the beach that Nick stars in. Can I edit her out? PLEASE?

Dwayne Johnson
(AKA. The Rock)

This picture was a major disappointment for me. I have drooled - yes, drooled, over the TV for this man. Yet, the "picture borrowing" opportunities showing off this work of art of a chest/abs were almost nil.

The few ones that did tempt me (other than this very old one, I think from 2001) were very blurry and not worthy enough for this list of mine!

Please Note: His abs got better as he got older, not to mention his shoulder tattoo keeps growing as well. :D

NOTE: I did not take the pictures posted above (except for the one of Nick singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Bengals game - that one is ALL MINE!) and take no credit or profit for their greatness.

Stay tuned for more of my Top Ten!


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