Sunday, May 22, 2016

Life lesson

**Written on 5/22 from my phone so keeping that date, though I never logged into blogger to post**

I am working on a new focus...

Not how important I am to people, but how important they are to me.
The only thing that matters is how I view myself.

To do that, I have a lot of a hard pills to swallow.
To realize that your level of commitment is not equally reciprocated...

Sometimes it hurts, but it is reality.
Sometimes it isn't healthy, but it is reality.
Sometimes things can remain the same with a new outlook and other times, things have to change to go on.

To be able to focus on my own thoughts and feelings rather than others is my new goal.
I have shed a lot of tears over this one with some, but I have also started to distance myself with others.


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