Friday, October 30, 2015

And what about those goals?

I wrote this back in October and for some reason, didn't hit publish.
So, I am publishing it with the original date...  :)

Taking a quick inventory on where I am with the 2015 goals.
I have two months to get back on track if needed.

Physical Side
-Get my Fitbit to exceed 10,000 steps at least three times a week... GULP
  I have been doing really good with this one since August.  I am hitting 10K 6 to 7 times 
  a week!
-Wear my retainer at least once a week...
  Not doing so good here and I need to focus on this one - especially since I am looking for  
  a new dentist right now.  Though - I am proud to say that I am wearing my retainer 
  right now!

Mental Side
-Read 12 books (hardback or thought provoking)...  Changed: Read 12 that are recommendable.
  See the post from yesterday.
-Scrapbook the pictures that are already sitting in my craft room (Yes - scrapbooking is mental!  Try coming up with creative, good-looking layouts!)...
  I guess I've been focusing more on quilts this year and for some reason, I'm on a mission 
  to get as many of them owed done as possible.  I started with a goal of 8 for the year... 
  Two have been delivered.  Three are on track for Christmas.  Three have their squares 
  down, but I'm not sure if I will focus on them ahead of the Christmas presents.  Two 
  more could be done for Christmas, if I have time.
  Scrapbooking?  What's that.

Spiritual Side
-Get to church at least two times a month...
  I was doing really well with this one (going three times a month) until Mother's Day.  
  Let's just say that sermon put a sour taste in my month that still hasn't gone away.  
  I am now looking for a new church, but I'm not very motivated to look yet.
-Read a devotion every Monday...
  I have done good with this one.  Helps that I have a book on my kindle set up just 
  perfectly for this goal.

All in all, I think I'm doing pretty well with the goals this year.
I can already think of some new ones that I need for next year if I can keep the new habits formed in 2015 going.


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