Thursday, September 10, 2015


I am the first to admit that I don't like driving our truck.
It is MBB's truck.  The Camry belongs to me.
Yep, sounds right to me.
Every 5K miles, I have to drive the big monstrosity so that it can get checked out.
But the problem is, I have to park it at the Big T for the morning, before it goes for its appointment in the afternoon.
Have I have mentioned that I don't like driving our truck?
So, I found a parking spot that allowed me to back straight up (into another row) without having to worry about cutting it too sharp or swinging the front too quick, etc, etc, etc. 

I don't want to have to tell MBB that I wreaked his baby...
So, I planned ahead and parked accordingly.

Helped me get a few extra steps too!  :)


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