Sunday, December 14, 2014


Yesterday, I posted about the defective cow fabric that I was working with...
What was I making?

Why, a stocking - of course!

With the exception of MBB and myself (we have homemade ones also, just not made by me), I have made all of the stockings that are hanging from our mantel (all but two are hanging, the other two are patiently (more so than I am) waiting on the hooks to be hung).

Also, one of the reasons that all three quilts weren't finished at the same time.  :)

I made a stocking for Zilla (my oldest grandson) last year that had soccer balls on it (the only fabric I could find with round balls).  He isn't into balls so much this year and PipSqueak (my youngest grandon) is starting to like balls...

So, I decided to make a new stocking for Zilla who is currently into COWS...
Don't worry - I will make another one for PipSqueak when he starts liking something other than balls!

Do you know how hard it is to find a fabric with cows???
Tons of jungle animals and owls and frogs even, but very little cows.

I go the stocking done pretty quickly and even thought - this is going too smoothly...
Jinxed myself!

I had the finished product and went to take a picture, only to realize that there was something wrong with Zilla's stocking:
Caused this:
So, back to the sewing machine (after re-pinning) to fix my mistake.  Only to find this:
Caused this:
So, back to the sewing machine (and some alcohol), re-pinning twice (yes, I started re-pinning wrong) and finally with a third times a charm, ended up with this:

And all is well in my stocking world again.


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