Friday, November 28, 2014

Once Again...

...time got away from me and I haven't posted in forever.

I remember when I used to post almost everyday.
Priorities tend to change in life.
At least mine do.

And I have had so many priorities lately that I have been running pretty ragged.
I went so hard for so long that my body finally said "NO MORE"!

I was sitting at my desk, on one of those rare days when I was actually in the office, feeling fine one minute and horrible the next.
After trying to self-medicate for five days (and different symptoms everyday), I finally gave up and went to the doctor.
Four prescriptions and five days later - I was finally myself again and sounded like myself again.

Did I mention that I was asleep more than I was awake those ten days?
That was probably the best medication...

And I tried to do my site visit to Michigan while self-medicating.
Not such a good idea...

But, I am finally through the crazy time at work, so I am going to try to be better about blogging until work gets crazy again.
Notice: I said "try"...


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