Sunday, October 05, 2014

Wool Fest

The one thing you can always count on:  the Wool Fest the first weekend in October.
Lots of people travel for it...
Lots of people "return home" for it...
Lots of locals love it...

Not my husband.
I lived in Kentucky for years before I made it there and only then because of some fundraising work...And yes, I was solo.

Now, we have a grandbaby who loves cows, MBB is suddenly willing to go to the Wool Fest.
(You can tell where I rank on the totem pole with him!)

There were baby goats and calves and goats who wanted all of the attention.
I must say that the petting zoo in 2013 was amazing.
The petting zoo in 2014 - sorely lacking.
I'm hoping that it improves for next year!


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