Monday, May 05, 2014

Its Been A Week....

...Since I received the shock of my life.
I still don't really think it has set in.

Occasionally, I see a kid between the ages of two and nine and find myself tearing up realizing that we will miss a majority of the boys' lives between those ages.
Yeah - having a rough time with that one.
Don't foresee that changing between now and then.

We are pretty much in limbo as we don't know where we are going or when even.
I am 90% confident that we will end up in Michigan.
I am very unclear on the timing - though I think anywhere from spring 2016 to early 2017...

The only thing 100% sure is that we are moving somewhere...
That the house will be sold.
That we have a huge amount of work to do (though not the same work that we thought we would be doing).

We are looking for a house inspector as this house has never gone through one, even with three owners.
We have fixed a huge amount of bad things over the last six years, but who knows what is left to do.
I would rather know now and have time to fix things, than be surprised when a buyer is about to sign.

Wish us luck.

I am still in shock.


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