Saturday, March 08, 2014


It's that time again.
If I didn't see people with ash spots on their forehead, I would have still suspected...
For some weird reason, I start craving fish on Fridays during Lent - even when I don't know it's Lent.

I guess that I was a practicing Catholic for long enough that the traditions of Lent are ingrained in me, even though I no longer practice Catholicism.

Weird, I know.

Last year, I gave up Facebook for Lent.
I could do that again, but since Pip Squeak (my new grandson) is going to make an appearance during Lent, I don't think that would be a give up that I would be able to keep.

I know there are a lot of things that I could give up...
Some I probably should give up, but I am not in a good space to give up stuff like Chocolate and Caffeine or even tasty foods.

I thought about giving up my two games that I play on the phone, but that would eliminate a primary reduction of stress in my life.  Not a good choice.

So, I thought about things that I could do to improve my life.
I could try to blog everyday, but does that really improve anything?
Perhaps it would help with my mental state, but it just doesn't feel right specifically for Lent.

I even talked to MBB about exercise or trying to get back to 10K of steps a day.
Then I look at the weather forecast and realize that it isn't quite the right time for my lunch walks to return.
Honestly, I am not going to be successful without them.  And looking at my travel schedule - for work and personal - I just don't see how an exercise program is going to become a habit over the next 40 days.

Anyone got any suggestions?
I know that I am already late in starting, but I have no problem going a few days past Easter.
I should admit that I don't follow all of the Lent traditions.
As much as I crave fish, I had meat for all three meals today.


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