Monday, February 24, 2014

Time To Organize

NOTE:  I am having a love / hate relationship with the Blogger App on my phone.
Here is the third attempt at this blog post.
And I wonder why I don't blog more often????

There is a blog that is on my daily read list...
She did a series on organizing "spots" in her house with a goal of removing/giving away/trading 10 things a day. I apologize for not linking to her - I think the viral bug got her and she hasn't blogged about this lately for me to grab.  

That got me thinking about some areas in our house that need some serious attention. 
I don't think I can do one a day (I may try to target one a week) and I may not always be able to get 10 things (I have a few spots that need organizing,  but I purged them not too long ago)...
Yes, I am going to give it a go. 

The first target was the spice cabinet (I actually did this a few weeks ago, so the second space will be posted soon as well!).  
I found a few duplicates that I combined - I must use a lot of Nutmeg and Cinnamon.  
Yeah - HELLO - French Toast.  :) 
One empty jar with empty wrappers (hi Ma Bell!) and a few things we never use and to be honest are so old we probably shouldn't use - see the gravy mix in the back?  I bought that when I lived in Lexington. For those of you who don't know me - that was about 17.5 years ago. 

One area done.  11 items pitched. 
After the picture was taken, I checked with MBB about another spice container that I thought was originally his.  Not so much.  
Now that I think about it - I think I bought it was the gravy mix.  
New total: 12 items pitched.


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