Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Well, yesterday was tough.
I know what the cause is, but the only "fix" is time.
Patient, I am not.

I did decide to change the look of the blog page.
Was getting tired of the maroon swirls.
Not sure if the dark gray is any better - kinda monotone and color-less.

Hey, fits my mood today.

I did have some yummy, left-over potato soup.
My fitness pal doesn't like it so much - gotta work on reducing the calories while keeping the taste.

Have I mentioned that I was successful on that challenge with the peanut butter pie.
I haven't documented that one yet, because I may be able to squeak out a few more calories.
Stay tuned on the results of that one.

I made a good dent on the 12 books for 2014, but fell off a bit on the practicing of pool.
I'll get back to that one.

I did get to 10,000 steps five times in the last week and a half.  Now to get back to that daily.  I am doing better with tracking the calories, hoping that leads toward less calories being tracked.
I'll be so happy when mother nature allows me to walk outside at lunch again.

Don't know that this blog post had any rhyme or reason other than I was at my laptop and could type a bit.
That needs to be priority as well.


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