Friday, January 31, 2014

We Tried A New Restaurant...And Wish We Hadn't...

We were over in Indiana visiting the Horseshoe Casino Indiana South and ended up at The Spread (Buffet Restaurant)...
If you are ever in that area and have the chance to go to their Seafood and Steak night...

Horrible Furniture  
We had to put sugar packets under the table legs to level it out and napkins under the plates so that they wouldn't slide.
Horrible Customer Service
From the cashier to the waitress to the cooks.
Horrible Food
The theme was Seafood and Steak...
MBB hates seafood, but would be good with steak.  Except - no steak (unless you count the small piece of steak for fajitas, I don't).
I like seafood, and most of what I got - after one bite, I threw it away.  
Granted, I don't do crab legs - that could be the highlight of most peoples' meal, but I can't comment on it.
From our standpoint, we liked the small pieces of steak (even though they tried to force us to take the tortilla with the steak), I liked the mashed potatoes and MBB liked the cheesecake.
Horrible Waste of Money
They charge more for Seafood and Steak night - a LOT more.

Can you tell that I thought IT WAS HORRIBLE?

Now, I will say that we ended up back there on a different day - yes, we need our heads examined - but no other restaurants were opened for lunch and we were hungry.

It was a little better...

We got to sit in a booth.
Our waitress knew how to make faces other than a scowl.
The dishes that replaced the horrible special seafood dishes were the better dishes on the buffet. 
The price was still a little higher than I like, but it was much better than on Seafood and Steak night.


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